An Anthology

For a long time I've been really frustrated about flash fiction. It's a genre I really enjoy writing--I love how hard it is to write something that feels full and alive in 1,000 words or less--but it's a genre I feel like a lot of writers of color struggle to feel welcome in. There's an active flash fiction community online, many journals that publish it, but it's still a genre despite its roots in many different cultures, feels predominantly white and middle-class. (We could talk a lot about how many forms of mainstream writing are like this, but I'm trying to stay focused!)

So, yesterday on a frustrated whim, I decided to ask people on Twitter who's willing to finance an annual or biennial anthology of flash fiction featuring writers of color exclusively. Many, many, many writers said they would love to submit and/or be in an anthology like this. Several people said they were interested in donating money. People donated their time. Several gave me advice about costs, what to do. And the awesome Carissa Halston of apt/aforementioned offered to team up with me on this.

It feels weird to have something so big start happening off of something that feels so small. I have a lot of work ahead of me now: figuring out details, timelines, reading submissions eventually, fundraising, etc. I'm probably going to be talking about this all the time because yes, it is HAPPENING. And I am scared (because this already seems to mean a lot to so many people!!!) and excited and determined and a little barfy.

Also a bird pooped on me today, so I feel lucky and disgusting. 

Anyway, I'll be updating this blog with more concrete links to things when they happen. And if you're reading this and would like to volunteer something or donate something, let's talk! This is going to be great.