Fiction Readers At The Offing

I'm not sure how many people read this, but just in case: if you're looking to join a great community of writers and editors, please consider applying for one of the fiction reader spots at The Offing:

While it is a volunteer position, we are a nonprofit literary magazine dedicated to giving marginalized voices recognition, space, and payment. I do wish we could pay more. I do wish we could publish more often than one a month. (And we're working on ways to up payment, and potentially, frequency of publication)

One of the truly unique things about The Offing's fiction department is we try very hard to publish stories that don't center white readers. This isn't a way of saying white readers and writers aren't welcome or anything silly like that, but the majority of writing still published in literary magazines treats being white, and sometimes being cis, straight male, as the default status. We're interested in stories that aren't about deliberately teaching those readers about what it's like to not be white and/or straight. We're interested in stories that have narratives that exist without even considering a story should have I must teach you moments, that try as much as possible to be speaking to their communities.

We are also very interested in stories that experiment and play with form, style, and voice. And this is more reactionary, but those of who are creative writers with academic backgrounds are usually given examples of experimental writing (Barthelme, Barth, Coover, Foster Wallace, etc.) that are again, cis-male, straight, and white. I like Barthelme too, my guys, but it's 2018. Magazines should be publishing the voices of living writers who are trying to break new ground and reflect the (maybe this is too optimistic) writing world as it should be. It's one of my priorities at The Offing because it feels like very few magazines that publish "experimental" work are also thinking about this. 

Anyway, I hope this helps at least one person decide to apply! And if you're reading this and you have questions, please reach out.