Well first: I didn't realize until sitting down to write this that the long post I wrote last week is somehow gone. To get all artsy young millennial: Mercury in Retrograde strikes again! It was all about the very cliche anxiety dreams I was having. It was a real B+ blog post.

Anyway, today I got a copy of Best Small Fictions 2016 to use as a giveaway copy. And it is so, so cool. This is the first time my writing has been featured in an anthology. And my writing is published next to people I think of as cool, innovative peers, people whose writing I'm definitely excited to read more of,  and next to people whose books I've loved (Amelia Gray, Kathy Fish, Paul Lisicky, Laird Hunt) and have on my bookshelves. 

One of the weirdest and best and kind of deeply embarrassing things (I find all interviews with me embarrassing because talking about myself, especially for the consumption of a potentially wide audience, makes me so uncomfortable. I am writing in this blog still because I am basically pretending that I am Dougie Howsering it and no one is actually reading this. It's just a device so I know what I'm thinking and learning about. Also I would've been an incredible teenage doctor) is that there's an interview with me in the book:

Anyway, it's finally available! It's a real thing I can hold in my hands!