SLQ Issue 52

Today there's a new issue up of SmokeLong Quarterly. I think the biggest theme of this issue, Issue 52, is loss. There's the more conventional, but beautifully written "Cravat" by Roseanne Scott (a mother's secret lover is revealed). The main character realizes how much has been lost with the mother's passing, as well as gets a chance to rediscover their mother as a person. "Swallowed" by Dana Diehl (who has a collection coming out from Jellyfish Highway Press that I preordered and am really looking forward to) is about two brothers who are losing their sense of identities while living inside the famous loneliest whale in the world. And another story I really enjoyed that followed this trend is "A Moving Target" by Crissie McMullen. Her story explores the loss of ideals and how a young woman (in a very strange, hilarious way) comes to grips with being not as special as she thought. 

I think my favorite thing about editing for SmokeLong is that (especially via having guest editors) we have a lot of space for people to contribute many kinds of stories from subject matter to style. Some of this is definitely proud of the new issue style bragging, but I can't think of another magazine that's quite as willing to push so many differences next to each other and find common ground.

Anyway, if you're reading this and you haven't given the new issue some attention yet, please take a moment. I think there's at least one story for almost every kind of reader in this issue.