third grade brain

I had big, dorky plans to write a long blog post today, but I've spent a big chunk of today working on writing projects and I don't have much brainspace left to write much. So here's a list instead:

  • I am seeing Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D this Thursday. I just had to stop myself from mimicking my third grade journal structure: I am doing/will do __________ and it will be fun!
  • The weather is killing my sinuses and I hate everything when it is both polleny and humid outside.
  • I write almost every day and I still feel like I'm not doing enough.
  • I am making a big decision and next week, I'll get to talk about it and I'm super excited.
  • I hate making big decisions.
  • On Friday, I am going to make a plum cake. AND IT WILL BE FUN.
  • On Friday, I am going to talk to my chapbook publisher and cover artist and we're going to talk about my letterpressed cover. And IT WILL BE FUN.
  • And. It. Will. Be Fun.